The Root Down celebrates 20 years every Thursday in December

THE ROOT DOWN celebrates 20 years beginning Thursday Dec 7 at it’s old stompin’ grounds – Little Temple now called The Virgil. This will be a monthly celebration every Thursday in December featuring artist that had launched at The Root Down and blown a little up since then. Emanon (Aloe BLacc & Exile)RhettmaticDJ Z-TripBoogaloo Assassins, DJ Day,  Jeremy Sole to name just a few. You don’t want to miss any of these Thursdays since you may never get a chance to experience The Root Down at it’s finest again.


It ‘Figures’ — Jessie Reyez


Nearly 15 million views on YouTube — she must be doing something “right”.

‘Figures’ is a host of unapologetic language as real as life.  She doesn’t pull any punches in her prose.  The cinematography in this video is symbolically chaotic.  It mirrors well how loving someone can feel. Her delivery in this video doesn’t feel like premeditated pretense in an effort to be clever.  Girl …Click

Anderson Paak and the Free Nationals

Anderson Paak seems to do it all – drummer, singer, writer, melodious rapper, producer.  Accompanied with his talented crew, Paak’s performance is wonderfully effortless and honest yet not without a sense of humor.  His energy is unchained.  He seems to do whatever he feels …Go Ahead. Click it

‘Beat the Bullies’ with James Arthur and One Brave Chloe

This is what I’m talking about right here! These moments like the ones in this video speak to the deepest parts of my heart and reverberate with its echoes.

A young girl named Chloe had so much to give , with all her light, love and wonder, found her self on the receiving end of cruel bullying. To add to such heartbreaking circumstances, she turned inward and begin to withdraw in ways that don’t usually bode well. Music, however, shown a bright beam of inspiration. Through charitable movement Beat the Bullies, she’d bare her heart in hopes to help others in a similar struggle. Her story reaches a surprising guest— James Arthur (one of the few she looks up to).

…Give it a Click

‘Lucky’ in the Subway Photo:

Man! 2.4 million ‘reactions’ later — these guys know how to pick a person up! Loving this brass and drum ensemble. I’m smiling and chuckling in my heart from start to finish as their music echoes down corridors of the subway. I see more and more footage of these gents popping up, and they are everywhere. It’s a thing of beauty see someone willing to make a stage anyway for the sake of what they love. It shows in their energy as they each share the spotlight and then in unison. They seem to have all the right …Take a Peek!

Las Cafeteras, The Delirians + DJs Gazoo & Ethos at En Memoria

Fairplex’s First Dia de Los Muertos Celebration

Featuring live
DJ ETHOS (Subsuelo)
DJ GAZOO (Subsuelo

LOW RIDER exhibit combining the traditions of altar making with the contemporary artistic representation of lowrider car culture

Dia De Los Puercos

$10 tickets available at Goldstar 

More Info

‘I’m Like a Star That Hasn’t Paid My Own Light Bill’ – Tank


Just because I couldn’t get enough of Tarriona Ball (‘Tank’, artist of Tank and the Bangas) the first time around, I could barely fit in my seat to contain myself when I stumbled across this video. (Thank you, again, ! There was a part 2?)

She’s bone-chillingly vulnerable. In heart-churning pros, she undresses her soul like the garments she discarded to the floor. Her face twist with the pain of each unveiling.  There’s no hiding as her poetry is carried on the acoustics. We’re beyond wall-papered rooms and …See More…