We didn’t know what we started in 1997.

We were just… inspired. We were inspired to unite communities through music, dance and culture. We wanted to do this while supporting emerging artists, DJs and the various movements they lived and breathed in. It gave birth to events pioneering a multi-verse of progressive scenes — The Root Down, Descarga, Bounce Rock Skate, Cherry Poppin’, More Fridays, Thanks Givends Benefit and recently launched Milkshake. A sundry of partnerships with associate brands granted us opportunities to aid — from creation to execution — in successfully launching, producting, curating events such as: Fairplex (En Memoria, Molcajete, Pop Fest, LA Fair), Self-Help Graphics DOD festival, Central Avenue Jazz Festival, Grand Park (NYELA, LA Taco Fest) , Tune-In Radio (SXSW, Texas Lottery), Stones Throw — ATCQ Documentary Release event and direct-to-disc series, 10.10.10 parties, Happy Socks x Snoop Dogg, Kiss-N-Grind/Questlove, Soulection NYE and others.

Walk Talkin’ International is an organization whose heartbeat is to continue igniting and nurturing the synergy in events among DJs, artists and their supporting communities.  Our expedition drives us to provide event logistics (for companies, labels and promoters) and music solutions (for artists, DJs and producers) while bridging these relationships for a uniquely innovative future. Our next frontier is the launching of Label Squadz – a platform to help build sustainable artists careers – which is now in beta.

Envisioning a holistic environment that nourishes an array of styles and its innovators of the future, we want to take bold steps towards new enterprises to find the point where creators and audiences converge in an organically energetic experience.