Walk Talkin International is the mothership organization which envisions connecting various focused engagements as one holistic system.
The synergy between events, the Dj, the music, the artists and the communities that support them, is an organic ecosystem that becomes the incubation environment for the sound, styles and innovators of the future. Walk Talkin’s focus is to bridge all these elements to create new enterprising ventures to nurture this system.
Events solutions for companies, labels and promoters and Music solutions for artists, Djs and producers and bridging all these relationships is where unique, individualized opportunities will unfold. Finding that point of convergence is the key to new innovations and movements in the future.
Launching some of the most pioneering weeklies and monthly brands since 1997, the purpose was to unite the community through music, dance and culture while supporting emerging artists, Djs and movements in culture and sound. This intention gave birth to The Root Down, Descarga, Bounce Rock Skate, Cherry Poppin, More Fridays, Thanks Givends benefit event and soon to launch Milkshake.
In addition, Walk Talkin cultivates with associated established brands in various degrees of partnerships from event creation and production logistics/strategies, marketing and promotion, curator/booking, to target coordination; anything essential to launching a successful event.
Collaborations and contracts include Grand Park NYELA, Tune-In Radio SXSW and block parties, Stones Throw ATCQ Documentary release and Direct To Disks events, Happy Socks x Snoop Dogg, Kiss-N-Grind/Questlove events and Soulection NYE events among others.



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