NAHOA LIFE “Just Truth”

In his new track “Just Truth,” the Los Angeles native pairs with illustrious production duo Trigo Fare to create a track that speaks to one of the more vital components of life, staying true to one’s self while chasing your dreams. The message in the lyrics is only amplified by the striking chords Trigo Fare supplies to back it. Upon first listen, it is evident that you are not listening to your average 12 year-old, and surely not your average production duo.

NAHOA LIFE, whose name means the bold and brave, is a 12 year old quadruple threat. He sings, raps, and plays the piano in addition to co-writing all of his material. He hails from a town just outside of Los Angeles County, called Pomona. Born to artistic parents -his father is a music artist in his own right and his mother is a poet – Nahoa began to tap into his natural talents around the age of four. His parents were very influential in the styles of music that Nahoa would grow to love and introduced him to some of his favorites including Stevie Wonder, Anderson.Paak, Bruno Mars, Mali Music and Michael Jackson, just to name a few.

TRIGO FARE, is a Los Angeles based production duo, Loslito and Caleb Speir. They started in a soul/funk outfit, The Rebirth, releasing the underground classic “This Journey In”. Over the years, they’ve worked on many projects including the Black Eyed Peas, Will.i.Am, Ozomatli, Maya Azucena and        Estelle’s “American Boy” for which Speir received a Grammy for co-writing and playing bass.”

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POP Fusion Fest at LA County Fair’s Fusion Fest—la-county-fair-2019

THE COUNTDOWN HAS BEGUN! This year’s fusion fest is kickin’ it off with a line of Pop entertainers showcasing a collision of DJs, hosts and musicians that can’t be missed!

We’re excited to spearhead this electric event in our team up with Fusion Fest! Here are the deets!

Anderson Paak and the Free Nationals

Anderson Paak seems to do it all – drummer, singer, writer, melodious rapper, producer.  Accompanied with his talented crew, Paak’s performance is wonderfully effortless and honest yet not without a sense of humor.  His energy is unchained.  He seems to do whatever he feels …Go Ahead. Click it

‘Lucky’ in the Subway Photo:

Man! 2.4 million ‘reactions’ later — these guys know how to pick a person up! Loving this brass and drum ensemble. I’m smiling and chuckling in my heart from start to finish as their music echoes down corridors of the subway. I see more and more footage of these gents popping up, and they are everywhere. It’s a thing of beauty see someone willing to make a stage anyway for the sake of what they love. It shows in their energy as they each share the spotlight and then in unison. They seem to have all the right …Take a Peek!

‘I’m Like a Star That Hasn’t Paid My Own Light Bill’ – Tank


Just because I couldn’t get enough of Tarriona Ball (‘Tank’, artist of Tank and the Bangas) the first time around, I could barely fit in my seat to contain myself when I stumbled across this video. (Thank you, again, ! There was a part 2?)

She’s bone-chillingly vulnerable. In heart-churning pros, she undresses her soul like the garments she discarded to the floor. Her face twist with the pain of each unveiling.  There’s no hiding as her poetry is carried on the acoustics. We’re beyond wall-papered rooms and …See More…

It’s Do or Die – Tarriona ‘Tank’ Ball


I watched with tears and rented heart as ‘Tank’ shed her clothes article by article.  She is more than style. More than her big hair.  More than her layers of scarves. More than multi-colored stripped socks stretched to her knees.  Than her large vintage glasses her smiling ears showed through. So, piece by piece, they fell to the ground. She dangles her feet high above them from atop a tall wooden stool playfully blushing amidst her fallen garbs. Every layer seemed to …Read On…