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While other artists are focused on recreating the latest trends, The Rebirth uses its seven-member fusion to keep the quintessential soul band experience center stage, while evolving the genre of soul music towards the future.

The Rebirth’s forthcoming full-length release, “BEING THRU THE EYES OF A CHILD” is the result of several years of self-discovery, repurposing, and reinvigorating each member’s desire to persevere in their chosen passion. It’s a collection of musical creations that embodies the sound of a time and space that will never be repeated.

From the downbeat of the harmonies in the “Prelude” to the last audible fade in the dynamic soul ballad “Surrender the Pretender,” each song chapters the odyssey of one’s journey from breaking point to self-realization. The music has continuity, detours, and emotions paralleling the ebb and flow of life; where sometimes it’s a celebration — as expressed in the funk undertones of “Show ‘em” — or a peaceful escape which one can find in the acoustic serenity of “Come on Over.”


TONIGHT! Feb.15th, your post Valentines Day celebration for Cherry Poppin’ Wednesdays at The Room in Hollywood. We’ve got E.REECE and PLANN.B in the house tonight and resident TENDAJI LATHAN and host KG Superstar, so enjoy the night and come out!


This Wednesday once again its one of our favorite nights “Ladies Night” featuring Djs Selectra and first time set by Lady Monix. Giving some light to the ladies of Los Angeles. putting it down.  Check out some pictures from Cherry Poppin’ Wednesdays Birthday celebration of That Girl V earlier this month. We had Cee-Lo and […]


A HONEY-CHERRY-KISS NEW YEARS EVE CELEBRATION KISS-N-GRIND | HONEY COLLECTIVE | CHERRY POPPIN You are cordially invited to intimate New Years Eve affair in a private location in the Hollywood Hills. This event is by invite only.     Only 400 tickets will be sold for this event. Get your tickets HERE for this momentous night. […]


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