“Tadow”: the Perfect Expression for What’s Going Down at RedBull Studios

FKJ & Masego https://vimeo.com/195112393


You may have heard the term “stank face”. It’s the expression you make when something is so
good your face twists from sheer enjoyment of what you hear. FKJ and Masego do just that for me with “Tadow”. It’s compromised of a series of improvised overlaying beats and a duo of dueling multi-instrumental-ism.  All I can do is …Continue Reading

Ella Eyre Digging Deeper at Nova Stage

Image from Cruel Daze of Summer

In this live Nova Stage acoustic set, there are no gimmicks just passionate grit. 
A deep Rhodes coupled with her raw sound is perfect for my soul.   
As she dig(s) a little deeper”, you’re on a journey a soulful, gentle start that 
progresses with a scatty cajón drum.  The dynamic crashes beautifully and picks up again with tempo.
It’s lyrically brutal and honest. It’s… Keep Reading

“Shivers” At Abbey Road

Photo: @sglewismusic

There’s something about Shivers” that gets down in the soul right away. There’s no distracting glitz of over production.  The ring of the guitar feels honest, vulnerable and wonderfully evocative over  the smooth groove and gentle bounce of the beat.  There’s a mystery in Lewis’ atmospheric approach that  keeps you excitingly uncomfortable  yet with a sense of something somehow familiar. It makes you feel… Keep Reading

BOOGALOO ASSASSINS 10 Year Anniversary Party Friday June 23

The BOOGALOO ASSASSINS celebrate their 10 years of making the real-deal-holyfield classic Latin Boogaloo, Latin Soul, Salsa and Latin funk style of the 1960’s and 1970’s – Friday at the Echo June 23. You might have heard their Mambo version of the Dawn Penn classic “No No No” that’s become as Ubiquitous in certain circles as the original itself. This 12 piece will bring the non-stop energy and not let up. We won’t be surprised if a proper stage dive find it’s way onto the nights agenda.

@THE ECHO 1822 W. Sunset Blvd – 9pm-2am — 2 sets — 18+  //  GET TICKETS

Milkshake day party launch Saturday June 17

LA loves them some day parties so we are proud to announce of our monthly outdoor get down –MILKSHAKE. The idea is to be free of genres and eras and allow the Djs to rock the party in their flavor alongside other flavors – all blended up. Plus we will be throwing in some added impromptu performer ingredients and super creatives doing super things. If you only like one flavor then this event is probably not for you, but if you are all about mixing it all up into one flavorful experience, we got you! RSVP: milkshake.splashthat.com Milkshake day party launch Saturday June 17

When I think of music, I think of music in its totality, complete. From the lowest blues to the highest symphony, you know, so what I'd like to do is exemplify each style of as many periods as I can possibly do.
Donny Hathaway