Kiss-N-Grind w/ Just Blaze, Vikter Duplaix & Plann.B

Kiss-N-Grind brought one of the most profound hip hop producers to LA this month, the esteemed, Just Blaze. He’s worked on Jay-Z’s albums such as Blueprint, Blueprint 2 and the Black Album, so literally the man behind the man. The Vanguard was packed as usual and had everyones hand up, feet shufflin and heads bobbin. Kid Capri made a special appearance and hosted for Just Blaze as he dropped track after track, makin the crowd go crazy.

Get familiar with Just Blaze and check out Plann.B’s “TOP 5” list of Just Blaze tracks, featured on the Walk Talkin‘s blog not to long ago.

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Here’s a little short video of what you missed, and yes its always like this at Kiss-N-Grind