With all the focus being around the big studios promoting the big feel good yawner remake of Footloose, an award winning film was released with very little promotional support and knowledge by movie goers. Unfortunately due to tickets being undersold, theatres are being forced to discontinue showings after this week. 

Many of our DJs have rocked the KASHMERE STAGE BAND over the years, which was reissued through Now Again records via Stones Throw. This film tells the story of how an all black high school band in the 70’s surprised everyone by sweeping competitions against staple white schools with better funding. Thirty years later the band reunites to perform a concert to honor their teacher and life mentor.

Walk Talkin couldn’t just allow for this movie to disappear into the archives so we gathered some friends and created a movie night out this Sunday October 23rd
@ Culver Plaza Theatre in Culver City
9919 Washington Blvd, CulverCity, CA. 90232
We hope you will join us but if you can’t make please check the theatre for more convenient movie times. Rave Cinemas in Baldwin Park is the only other theatre showing the film.