These Crates Will Soon Be Filled…PB Wolfs 11.11.11

Ah yes…the soon to be back drop of the awaited Peanut Butter Wolf’s 11.11.11 event, a yearly series which started with (6.6.6) spinning a heavy metal set, but of course, then the (7.7.7) 7-day event & a gospel-themed podcast (probably had bad luck for the year so it needing some fixing), (8.8.8) an 8-day event, all videos, (9.9.9) 9-day event in 9 so. cali area codes, (10.10.10) 10 DJ’s, 10hours, all 45s.

So the question is how do you top all that and keep the series going with curious interest and almost fanatical support? You say, why don’t we have 11 of PB Wolf’s favorite DJs, all spinning 1100 random selections from his private collection and keep promotion to a minimal so the event stays intimate at a 350 person capacity venue (Yeah right… can you say re-tweet/re-posts?)

Well of course the feeding frenzy has started, the public wants to know who the DJs are, what time they are spinning and who is going to perform the first “ooh&ahh” set or the first train wreck, or recover from a train wreck to an “ooh&ahh”. All we can say is all these crates will have each Djs names tabbed on it with selections specially chosen by a digging session at PB Wolfs home, propped up on the back of the stage like Marshall stacks at a Judas Priest concert.

Half the gas has come with the unexpected serendipitious rediscovery of what Wolf had collected over the years and the DJs sharing in. Some records are new, some forgotten (even by Wolf), some will be challenging to mix, some will clear the dance floor, some will fill the dance floor, some will get you singing along, some will get you sayin “WTF!”. In one of the sessions, one of the Djs (we can’t name here but will probably be the first to drop flammable liquid on the vinyl and resurrect the ghosts of Jimi Hendrix), said he didn’t know enough about the post-punk era vinyl but had 15% of his crate dedicated to it. Ok? Enough said.

As professionals we sometimes forget what it was like to be an amateur, and before that a novice and before that a kid that just loved to discover and buy music, sharing with your homies til 5am in the morning. Well this week (with pizza on the way) Wolfs home was full of this sentiment and fortunately for all of you (some cat named Coleman) captured it all on video, to be stored and never to be seen from again…yeah right….just like we thought all these records were going to be. The U-Haul has been picked up, gassed, and ready for delivery.

by loslito
Walk Talkin International

event info:
Peanut Butter Wolfs 11.11.11
Eagle Rock Center for the Arts
2225 Colorado Blvd (Eagle Rock)
18+ | 11 dollars | 6-1am
facebook event page