DJ SLOE POKE LA Riots Redux Mix featured on Huffington Post

On the eve of Dj Sloe Poke’s inaugural set at Cherry Poppin we’d like to showcase the Los Angeles DJ patriarch who’s “UPRISING LA: 20 years later mix” with Chicharron was recently featured on the globally respected Huffington Post.

The mix is a reflection of the music of the time, commentary by activists and artists now and then and Michelle Chen (Huffington Post) writes “The impact of the Los Angeles riots still resonates 20 years on. Here’s an audio take on the experience of the chaos — all the pain, the fear, the search for healing amid relentless destruction, and the hope for redemption rising from the ashes. The community has changed since then–socially, culturally, economically but the divides across race and nationality, and between the people of the state, still stratify the landscape. A generation later, popular uprisings and unrest are again exploding around the world again raising questions of conflict, justice and peace. Maybe listening to echoes of the past can clarify our vision for tomorrow’s struggles.” (Full Post Here) 

UPRISING LA: 20 years Later Mix
by the Sound Strike DJ SLOE POKE and CHICHARRON

DJ SLOE POKE will be spinning at Cherry Poppin Wednesday May 9th at THE ROOM Hollywood.
1626 N. Cahuenga Blvd – Free b4 10:30/$5 after. Spinning the best in soul, funk, rnb/hip-hop classics and all that makes you feel fuzzy inside. (Facebook Event Page)