MARA HRUBY – The Simply Beautiful Tour

Courtesy of our friends at Nu-Soul, Bay Area singer/songwriter Mara Hruby is finally coming to LA. As part of the Romantic Movement of artists which includes Jesse Boykins III and Melo-X, Mara has been gaining notice with her sultry vocals and iconic style. Be sure to catch her first full LA show at the Virgil in Silverlake with her band The Park on Saturday February 2, 2013. Get al the details (here)

The 2010 debut EP From Her Eyes introduced to the world a young artist named Mara Hruby. Hailing from Oakland, CA, she arrived on the scene at the start of 2010, playing shows throughout the Bay Area. Since the release of her debut EP, she has garnered over 70,000 downloads and media attention from the likes of Vogue Italy online, Essence Magazine, Vibe, Billboard and more.
During an interview with a local entertainment magazine, Hruby was asked to describe her sound: “My sound [and] style [come] from what I have experienced in life. I feel my sound is organic, distinct, melodic, eclectic, and filled with sensitivity. To say the least, I’d call my music a melodic melting pot.”
Hruby is a mesmerizing artist who performs on stage with poise and grace. Catch her in the intimate, vintage setting of The Virgil with backing band, The Park, and you’ll be surprised how naturally her music will enter your heart.