“Shivers” At Abbey Road

Photo: @sglewismusic

There’s something about Shivers” that gets down in the soul right away. There’s no distracting glitz of over production.  The ring of the guitar feels honest, vulnerable and wonderfully evocative over  the smooth groove and gentle bounce of the beat.  There’s a mystery in Lewis’ atmospheric approach that  keeps you excitingly uncomfortable  yet with a sense of something somehow familiar. It makes you feel… right as if you know” something without knowing. 

Cooper carries the vibe well —  the slight grit in his timbre and the run of his voice like a cool river.  I find myself listening to this again and again. 

House music producer SG Lewis and singer JP Cooper are a smart match… ones to watch for.
– by L.M. Jones
Photographer: www.lukedyson.photography