Maggie Rogers with “On and Off”

Photos: Dani Hansen/Howl & Echoes
Off her Album  Now that the Night is Fading”, On and Off” hits 1.9M views on YouTube.  Electro-pop singer Maggie Rogers delivers breathy vocals and over a multi-layered production of atmospheric sounds.  It intertwines withfolk, pop and soul-ish vibes you can dance to.  She re-purposes a cliche and gives it human vulnerability.  I think most can relate to feeling off” and can use a bit of help being on again.”  Who doesn’t appreciate the people in our life that help us feel grounded when life is shifting?  

Here’s a peak at Rogers’ lyrics.  Take a look.  Take a listen.

“Take me to that space where I need someone
When I’m shaking or my mind starts coming undone
When I’m on and off again
On and off again, on and off again
You turn me on…”

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LM Jones