“Tadow”: the Perfect Expression for What’s Going Down at RedBull Studios

FKJ & Masego https://vimeo.com/195112393


You may have heard the term “stank face”. It’s the expression you make when something is so
good your face twists from sheer enjoyment of what you hear. FKJ and Masego do just that for me with “Tadow”. It’s compromised of a series of improvised overlaying beats and a duo of dueling multi-instrumental-ism.  All I can do is  grip my fists high and “stank face” my way through the song as my head weaves with every sax run.  My shoulders can’t help but roll with the multi-layer of textured beat and my hips dig into the notes bending on the keys.  As if that isn’t enough, they surprise you with a live loop of jazz scats and melodies while hitting you with little bit of  rhodes for flavor.  What’s going on here?! I say, keep it coming fellas!

You can follow FKJ https://www.facebook.com/frenchkiwijuice  and
Masego  https://fr-fr.facebook.com/UncleSego/

–by L.M. Jones

Thank you Arsedi for this beautiful shoot