Finding Your Voice

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The tears on my face were as hot as the heat in my chest reading his story.
A young fellow, Musharaf Ashgar, who has fought with an intense stammer since childhood and nearly bullied out of school. However, it is the passion of a teacher, Matthew Burton, who wasn’t giving up. He seems to understand something — the strength of music. Music, it seems, catches the scattered beats of troubled lips and eases them with the rhythm of a song. He finds his pace. He overcomes.

Musharaf later got his own show where he’ll   follow a group of students in their fight to overcome stammer.


    “I hope it will have a positive impact on other people with stammers to speak more and not give up on their dreams.”  — Musharaf Ashgar

He attended college with confidence — no longer afraid to speak.


We hear it said but, perhaps, not enough and with needed increased fervor. Never underestimate the power of music. It has a place. It should have a place — from education to everyday life. It makes a difference. It has a power that excuses logic and facts and steady’s hearts and minds when nothing else will.

Keep going my friends. Remember your “why”. It’s what will give you courage to stay the course when it seems like it doesn’t make sense to. When it may see CRAZY To. You can effect the world around you for good. What we create can reach beyond where we life or perform. What we might leave behind extends beyond our time here. It can echo a difference long after us and ripple further than we measur. So… onward, friend. Always onward.

— LM Jones

Thank you Educating Yorkshire and Channel 4 (Facebook) for sharing this inspiring story.
Even now, It’s reach and difference it makes..  seems timeless.