Brielle Aprilfoolchild

This Philly strong, gypsy goddess breaks west with soul, hip-hop fusion. She curates silk smooth energy, escapism and anthemic aria. Not afraid to take chances or digging deep, she’ll create on her own terms mixing in an undertone of experimental flute textures and a pinch of effervescence. She has a worldly whimsy and a mission to empower others — it’s a mantra… her message.

Her latest cut, “Easy”, is an ode to personal power. She sings with smooth prowess and East Coast grit over a lush, vintage wah-wah and vivid boom bass. It’s all about your flow with this song — “Take chances more… don’t be afraid .. Just do it like you own it “. It’s a chilled out, top down, feel good summer anthem for your inner Boss.

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— LM Jones

Here’s a video cut of her single “Easy”