Come As You Are – The New Respects
This Tennessee-groomed quartet, The New Respects, have a refreshingly personal take on Rock and Roll with hints of pop and soul.

Come As You Are has a defined anthemic groove, and the reminder it carries is stunning:
“You don’t have to be lonely…
Come as you are…
You don’t have to do this thing alone…” 

What a beautiful invitation to authenticity! No one has to do this life alone.


I know fear (whether others’ or one’s own) can dictate that we cover up the scars of
our personal warfare and paint on a smile to make other comfortable.  But, how can
we truly ever be OK unless we create safe spaces for one another to heal?  Wounds left
unchecked fester and breed an epidemic for a further spread.  No one has been left
untouched by some level of tragedy … especially today.  Perhaps we can change the tone
and hue of this world if, we too, offer one another to “Come as you are…

Broken and bruised
Hurt and defenseless
Tired and confused
And lay it all down
Bring it all now
To someone who loves you
You don’t have to be lonely…”

We could be on our way back to somewhere beautiful


— LM Jones


Lyrics included in video description (and included in this article)