‘Little’ Reminders


Photo: https://m.facebook.com/BabyBoyDrummer

We are doing something a little different today… 

Stumbling on the video of this 1 year old little drummer, L J, I was in awe. I joined the other 2.5 million views, then I wondered…
“How many artists might see videos like this — kids so young with so much talent– and maybe feel a bit … daunted?” It can be easy to be so hard on ourselves and our skill sets. Perhaps, we gauge whether we’ve invested enough time. Perhaps, we wonder where we should be and far we should’ve been by now. Are we “behind”? Perhaps, someone like this, no matter the age, at just the “wrong” time catches us off guard while we may feel doubt in our abilities and consider whether to continue. Perhaps, it isn’t by something that may sound as silly to some as sizing yourself up against this adorable fun-size drummer. There are other things that have us second guessing.

But wait… does this have to be something to shrink back and be discouraged by? Could we be encourage and maybe even inspired? Maybe the things and people around — like L J — are a reminder that music is and has been in us all along. Maybe it is something we were already born with — stitched in our very DNA. It is trailing through every vein and blood vessel coursing through our bodies. It’s pumping into and through our hearts. Even when we find ourselves fighting us ourselves in the struggle as an artist and possibly trying to walk away from it… we… can’t.

We have a rhythm we are meant to discover and move with. It is our resonance — unforced, organic and unique — and it is meant to add something beautiful to this world. We have a space within us of untapped and uncalculated potential. If we would be daring enough to be vulnerable and honest in that place, what might we find? There are sounds in that uncharted space that can reverberate past barriers, transcend time and reach distant souls for unprecedented change. It IS in there. It is IN there. It has always been there. All along. Waiting.

L J – Baby Boy Drummer at https://m.facebook.com/BabyBoyDrummer


— LM Jones