Margaret Glaspy’s ‘You and I’ – Flipping The Script


Photo: Google Images

Let’s just say this song was not built for the 1950’s. This one carries a more modern depiction of relationships. Sometimes, a man setting the emotional terms is not the case. A woman detaching herself and choosing to only be about “one thing” can also be the story.

Margaret Glaspy (Indie-rock) stealthily scripts an image of the non-talkative, Christian girl next door who would listen to her private stash of Courtney Love and Joan Jett records while the house was asleep. Recording the record in her room, the uncomplicated arid riff is gelatinized with a head-nodding, back-beat that immediately syncs up with your inner sway. Her quasi-apathetic vocal style is apropos for the predicament disclosed.


— Carlos  ‘loslito’ Guaico
(Edits LM Jones)


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