Cold War Kids Show Us ‘Love is Mystical’

Right away, I pull something out of this song. It continues that way to the finish. It’s electric from the start.  It feels like a Monday morning alarm.  There’s an internal ‘Yes!’ that sounds off — An alert to love.

Love has an inexplicable power to set us free. I know it can seem scary — like a longly caged bird who struggles deeply to step out of an open door.  But, we have been generations enslaved by suspicion and fear long enough.  The gate must swing open.  We must take that chance. Take off!

Love seems risky, but it is the adrenaline shot we need in a flat-lining society. We need a shift. Our world is desperate, and it is “normalizing” at desperation.  Seems reason enough, don’t you think?  The cries that echo down our neighborhoods and across our airwaves call.  Darkness has bent around our corners and flooded our streets long enough. We can rush forward into this transcendent invitation! Hand in hand. Together.  Believing, again.

— LM Jones

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Check out some of these lyrics…

‘Love is mystical
Love will break the chains
You might feel invincible
And you might be afraid
Light in darkness will show you the way
Give you the power to believe again’ 

‘Oh, can’t you hear the future is calling
For heaven’s sake
It’s either hell or high water
Let’s get outta this place
I feel your skeptical eyes
On my mental state
I lift my hands to the sky
And I lower the stakes, oh yeah’