Suzanne Santo “Regrets” – Absolutely None.

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Suzanne Santo “Regrets” … absolutely none. 

Honesty, candor, vulnerability, realness aren’t always in the top 5 attributes for songs written for the masses.  So, when someone like Adele breaks through with this standard of genuineness, everyone gathers around this fire with sympathetic harmony no longer feeling so misunderstood. Dig further into less heralded forms of songwriting, and you will find these attributes as the norm and not an aberration.

Whether you want to label her as Americana, Alt/Country or Indie rock, Suzanne Santo (usually one half of duo Honey Honey) embodies this unabashed spirit of substance. Her recent solo release ‘Ruby Red’ — which Paste magazine calls “…a new emotional landscape for heartache” — will take you on a cathartic journey of self-acceptance that we are not perfect. We love. We hurt. We anger. We break and break some more. We grieve. And, it’s OK to shed it all in a song and go through it all over again. Although this might seem revolutionary for mainstream artists, this is every day life… and we feel it for others.

We encourage our readers to experience her full-length release in total, but we spotlighted one of our favorites — “Regrets”.

Here is a sample of its lyrics:

 “Believe me,
I’m trying to take it easy
‘Cause sleep won’t come and I beg for it
I’m dying to get rid of this, heaviness.”

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