They’re Not Just Another Sister Band (Joseph, the Band)

Joseph – a sister trio—has a bit of an old school Mumford and Sons feel as they strip it down to bare bones with just an acoustic and their voices. Meegan ClosnerAllison ClosnerNatalie Closner hail from Portland, Oregon with their pop-folk sound.

There’s something rich here in their declarative “White Flag”, which kicks off the set.  There is no surrender.  There is no retreat. When the voices and circumstances around you roar for you to turn on your heels and go back, we say… “burn the white flag!”  Love it! Like an army of few but mighty, their cry rings fierce.  And, there is nothing more intimidating than an opponent who won’t stay down.

“Don’t Mind” is the courage to say what you first need to hear from yourself…

I will love you anyway
With all your demons in the way
And nothing can keep us apart
I’ll walk through walls into your heart

Whew! There’s something brutally beautiful about that — like performing surgery on your own soul.

“Canyon” drives like a train through country-side mountains with the harmonies and the pace.  It’s gritty and gut-twisting energy keeps you racing with each “push”, because you …

Can’t get close enough to be close… an inch is a canyon

Check them out on their website and social media below.
Enjoy their Tiny Desk session below.  They’re a treat!

–LM Jones